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The Secret Scripture is a historical fiction novel written by Irish author Sebastian Barry, first published in 2008. Inspired by a story about an old relative with nearly unknown story, Barry decided to “reclaim” her. He decided to remake her in an epic story of love, family, and inevitable tragedy. The book is successful, critically and commercially. It won the James Tait Black Memorial Prize and Costa Awards Book of the Year. It was also nominated in Man Booker Prize for Fiction.

*Brief introduction to Sebastian Barry's The Secret Scripture*

The story in The Secret Scripture centers on the life of Roseanne McNulty. She will be one-hundred year old soon and there is an uncertain future ahead of her. She has been spending the best part of her adult life at Roscommon Regional Mental hospital. Now, the place is about to close.

Nearing the closure takes place, Roseanne tells a lot of stories to Dr Grene, her psychiatrist. The stories are presented in their respective journals and they are alarming but at the same time profoundly wonderful. The stories told by Roseanne pictures a different and unknown history of the changing character of Ireland. They are stories of a life shattered by dreadful mistreatment and ignorance. However, those stories still offer beautiful pictures of passion, hope, and love.

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