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Agent 6 is an espionage thriller novel written by English novelist Tom Rob Smith. First published in 2011, the book became the 3rd and latest novel in Leo Demidov series, sequel to The Secret Speech. This great series focuses on former MGB agent Leo Demidov and the Soviet Union during and after the reign of Joseph Stalin. In this 3rd novel particularly, Smith widened the geopolitical landscape to other countries, like the United States and Afghanistan.

*Brief introduction to (Leo Demidov #3) Tom Rob Smith - Agent 6*

The story in Agent 6 begins with Leo Demidov parting with his family. Leo’s wife, Raisa, and his daughters are going to New York, to perform in “Peace Tour”. They have been chosen to be the “ambassadors of the East” in a concert that is meant to promote better relationship between two Cold War enemies. As a former top-class MGB agent, Leo is greatly suspicious about the reason why his family is chosen. However, there is nothing he can do because he is forbidden to leave Moscow.

His fear is realized and his life is crumbled when he loses everything he loves. Ruined by the tragedy and denied the permission to investigate the case on his own, Leo Demidov desperately decides to take matters into his own hands. He embarks in a vengeful quest that takes him into a long journey in different continents. He is pursuing someone who knows the truth, someone called Agent 6.

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