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First published in 2008, Child 44 is an exciting thriller novel written by British author Tom Rob Smith. It is the first book in a series presenting Leo Demidov, ex-MGB agent who is investigating a series of child murders in the Soviet Union during Stalin era. Smith got the inspiration of the story from Andrei Chikatilo, who was convicted and executed for 52 murders. Using the murder cases as the main focus, Smith explores other aspects of the USSR of that era: the paranoia, education, police system, orphanages, and also homosexuality.

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The story in Child 44—in all books in Leo Demidov series—is set in Stalin’s Soviet. Though crime does not exist, fear still overwhelms millions of people. Even the slightest suspicion of disloyalty can make the agents of the State send the innocence to his/her execution. In this kind of era, Officer and war hero Leo Demidov try to keep his idealism straight. He dreams of building a perfect society in the State. However, his believe of the State is shaken when he sees how the State agents interrogate an innocent man. His loyalty is crumbled when he gets an order to interrogate his own wife, Raisa.

Then a new terror spreads in Soviet Union. A murderer is rampaging in the State, killing seemingly at will. This chaotic situation makes every belief Leo has shatter. The former war hero is now condemned by his enemies and banished from his home. While being on the run with Raisa on his side, Leo Demidov finds out that the killer is not the real danger here, but it is the country he is protecting.

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