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Andy Weir - The Martian has become a really successful debut novel for the American novelist. Initially, Weir had to self-publish his first science fiction book online and as Kindle edition. When the first printed edition was published in 2014, it immediately made into New York Times Bestseller list. The success of the book grew bigger when it was adapted into a major motion picture in 2015. The film, staring Matt Damon, was a box-office success.

The story in Andy Weir - The Martian follows the remarkable and amazing survival quest of Mark Watney. Mark is an astronaut of NASA. He becomes the first human to ever walk on the planet Mars. However, the celebration for this monumentally historical event doesn’t last long. A fierce dust storm hits and almost kills him. Even worse, for safety reason and believing that Mark is already dead in the storm, the rest of the crew in the mission have to evacuate Mars.

Mark Watney finds himself stranded alone on Mars. He has become the first human to walk on the planet and now he probably will become the first person to die there too. His supplies and equipment are limited. He cannot get any signal to make contact with NASA station on Earth. However, Mark refuses to give up. His ingenuity and expertise, and surprisingly his hilarious sense of humor, keep him alive. In that remarkable survival quest, he will have to deal with many shocking surprises Mars keeps for him.

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