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Bruce Wagner - Dead Stars is a contemporary fiction novel of 21st century glamorous depravity: obsession with fame and celebrity, narcissism, and greed. First published in 2012, the book is Wagner’s most rich and extraordinary translation of the national “trend” of U.S.A., specifically in the realm of Hollywood: porn culture, Kardashian world, reality-show triumph that becomes the new narcotic of Americans.

In a captivating and exuberant writing style, Bruce Wagner - Dead Stars surprises readers with reflective yet overlooked truths on human nature, spirituality, and redemption. Mixing imaginary and real-life characters, the book has become one of the most challenging, significant, and controversial book.

Telma, at age thirteen, used to be the world’s famous youngest breast cancer survivor until threatened by a four-year-old Canadian who’s just undergone a mastectomy. Meanwhile, Reeyonna has long dreamt to enter the circles among Jennifer Lawrence or Kanye West and thinks being a pregnant-teen porn star will get her there. In other place, billionaire’s son with neurologically impair, Biggie, spends his days on Google Map-searching his mother who has abandoned the family. And Michael Douglas, the Oscar-winning actor, is in search for meaning in his time of remission.

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