Leo Tolstoy - War and Peace PDF

Leo Tolstoy - War and Peace PDF

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War and Peace is a historical-fiction classic novel written by one of the most influential Russian authors Leo Tolstoy. To this day, the book is highly regarded as one of the most important and finest literary works in the world. First published in 1865, the book still has it’s a wide range of readers even today. In 2009, it was ranked at #10 in Time Magazine’s 10 greatest books poll, and Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina grabbed the number 1 spot in that poll.

With prodigious cast of characters, War and Peace presents a portrayal of the history of the French invasion of Russia. Capturing big important issues in humanity at the moment, the novel puts a lot of inquiries regarding free will, fate, and providence. It captures how the Napoleonic era impacts the Tsarist society. With that background, Tolstoy masterfully paints great drama of seemingly basic issues in human life like marital relations and daily domestic subjects among a society.

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St Petersburg, 1805: a city of glittering parties and socialites. Into this scene step three young people seeking fulfilment in their different ways. Pierre is looking for life's meaning, but his cheating wife is driving him insane. Cynical Andrey is unable to find true love. And Natasha's impulsive and affectionate nature could threaten her future happiness.

But their lives - and the lives of so many of their fellow countrymen - are about to change forever. Napoleon's army is approaching, and soon battle and terror will engulf them. They must learn to survive when their world is thrown into total war.

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