Master of Puppets (Full Album Download)

Metallica - Master of Puppets Album Download

Metallica - Master of Puppets (Full Album Download)

Following the success and achievement of their second album Ride the Lightning is the third album Metallica - Master of Puppets. First released in 1986, this album has been widely praised and accepted not only by fans of metal but also from outside the scene. It has become a great metal masterpiece with more than 6 million copies sold in the United States, and even more worldwide.

Metallica - Master of Puppets expands the amazing achievement of the American trash/heavy metal band. Musically, the band put more variation to the “traditional” trash/heavy metal that resulted in a richer music and sound. Lyrically, the band got even more into political views and critics, which won them audience from outside the metal fans. In 2016, United States Library of Congress stated the cultural, historical, and aesthetic significance of the album and selected it for preservation in National Recording Registry.

James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Cliff Burton, and Lars Ulrich.

Master of Puppets Download Details

Artist(s): Metallica;
Genre: Metal (Rock);
Audio Format: MP3;
Number of Tracks: 8;
Length: 54 Minutes;
Album Size: 45.8 MB;

Track List

All tracks are included in Metallica - Master of Puppets Album Download in MP3 format.
01. Battery.mp3
02. Master of Puppets.mp3
03. The Thing That Should Not Be.mp3
04. Welcome Home (Sanitarium).mp3
05. Disposable Heroes.mp3
06. Leper Messiah.mp3
07. Orion (Instrumental).mp3
08. Damage, Inc..mp3

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