Metallica - Reload Album Download

Metallica - Reload Album Download

Download Metallica - Reload Album

Metallica - Reload, first released in 1997, is the 7th studio album by the American trash/heavy metal band. In many ways, it can be viewed as the “sequel” to their previous album Load. In fact, that is just the case. During the production of the previous album, the band left so many unfinished songs. So, during Load promotion tour, Metallica also worked on those unfinished materials and recorded them in the studio which later became their 7th album.

Since the materials were actually written during the production process of Load, Metallica - Reload sounded so much like its “prequel.” The band still explored various music genres like Southern rock, hard rock, and power ballad. Though it debuted at #1 on Billboard 200 chart, receptions to the album were varied. Some diehard metal fans disliked the music direction Metallica took, while some other embraced those variations. Despite the contradicting opinions, the album still offered some stood out tracks like The Memory Remains and Fixxxer.

Personnel: James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Jason Newsted, Lars Ulrich

Download Details

Artist(s): Metallica;
Genre: Metal (Rock);
Audio Format: MP3;
Number of Tracks: 13;
Length: 76 Minutes;
Album Size: 65.5 MB;

Track List

All tracks are included in Metallica - Reload Album Download in MP3 format.
01. Fuel.mp3
02. The Memory Remains.mp3
03. Devil's Dance.mp3
04. The Unforgiven II.mp3
05. Better Than You.mp3
06. Slither.mp3
07. Carpe Diem Baby.mp3
08. Bad Seed.mp3
09. Where the Wild Things Are.mp3
10. Prince Charming.mp3
11. Low Man's Lyric.mp3
12. Attitude.mp3
13. Fixxxer.mp3

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