Metallica - St. Anger Album Download

Metallica - St. Anger Album Download

Download Metallica - St. Anger Album

Six years after their previous studio album (Reload) and after a hard time in rehab by lead singer James Hetfield, Metallica - St. Anger was released in 2003 as the 8th studio album by the American heavy/trash metal band. The album marks a radical change of direction. It displays a more modern heavy metal style by Metallica, with raw production and less guitar solos. It is also the first album without bassist Jason Newsted since his entrance in 1986.

Metallica - St. Anger is written mostly in first person point of view. It presents the perspective of James Hetfield in facing his struggle against his addiction in rehab. It reflected in tracks like St. Anger (the single of the album), the 8-minute-long All Within My Hand, Some Kind of Monster, and others. Upon the release, the album debuted at #1 on US Billboard 200 chart and also on some other charts in other countries. Today, more than 6 million copies have been sold worldwide.

Personnel: James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Lars Ulrich, Bob Rock (Additional bass player)

Download Details

Artist(s): Metallica;
Genre: Metal (Rock);
Audio Format: MP3;
Number of Tracks: 11;
Length: 75;
Album Size: 66.8 MB;

Track List

All tracks are included in Metallica - St. Anger Album Download in MP3 format.
01. Frantic.mp3
02. St. Anger.mp3
03. Some Kind of Monster.mp3
04. Dirty Window.mp3
05. Invisible Kid.mp3
06. My World.mp3
07. Shoot Me Again.mp3
08. Sweet Amber.mp3
09. The Unnamed Feeling.mp3
10. Purify.mp3
11. All Within My Hands.mp3

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