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Written by prominent comic author Mark Millar, drawn by comic artists Dave Johnson and Kilian Plunkett, Superman Red Son presents an alternate universe where if the Man of Steel landed and grew in Soviet Union, during the Cold War era? First published in 2003, the idea for this amazing series actually came together over a long stretch of time, stated Millar. Originally released as 3-issue comic series, it was compiled in a single volume edition in 2004.

His Soviet comrades in Superman Red Son PDF

Superman Red Son mixes alternate versions of some famous DC super-heroes with alternate real historical events and figures, such as Joseph Stalin and John F. Kennedy. In this series, Superman's space capsule has landed on a farm in Ukrainia, in Soviet Union. When the Man of Steel has grown up and become Superman, he is not fighting for “... truth, justice, and the American Way” but rather “... as the Champion of the common worker …” He is not Clark Kent, his “human identity” is a confidential matter of the state.

Soviet vs US in Superman Red Son

In this series, Superman will team up with Wonder Woman, who decides to go to Soviet, after her disappointment with the political policy of the U.S. Together they will have to fight Soviet Union’s Batman, who is a mad man behind a bat mask with a lot of powerful weapon and cunning scheme.

Wonder Woman teams up with Superman Red Son

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Author: Mark Millar;
Artists: Dave Johnson and Kilian Plunkett;
Publisher: DC Comics;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 167;
File Size: 76.8 MB;

Soviet's Batman vs Superman Red Son

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