Tom Clancy - Cardinal of the Kremlin PDF

Tom Clancy - Cardinal of the Kremlin PDF

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First published in 1988, The Cardinal of the Kremlin is a riveting and heart-stopping novel by Tom Clancy. The book has been considered among the masterpieces of the American espionage-thriller author. It features Clancy’s most famous hero, Jack Ryan. Here, he will embark on a mission of intelligence gathering and counterintelligence to prevent another World War.

For this book, Clancy wrote the events of the story based on real world national security systems which are the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) and its Soviet equivalent. Hidden from the world, Russia is building a Star Wars missile defense system. There are only two men who have the vital data on the Russian system and the fate of these men may bring the world peace or a colossal destructive war.

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In his third part of the Jack Ryan novels, Clancy uses more of the Cold War American-Soviet conflict to focus on hero Jack Ryan as he steps in to investigate mysterious buildings on the Soviet-Afghan border. Before the examination can continue, the Soviets deactivate a satellite with a "free electron laser". Only because of a well placed spy - in the highest ranks of the Kremlin - are the details of this secret activity leaked to the United States government. And then the games begin as intelligence is transferred back and forth and there are attacks and counterattacks between the intelligence agencies.

We are introduced to Mikhail Filitov who is first seen towards the end of The Hunt for Red October. Filotov is a Soviet war hero and a former Red Army Colonel - but his CIA code name is "Cardinal" as he is working for the Americans as a spy. An encounter in a Moscow subway leads the KGB to begin a hunt for their intelligence leak. During delicate negotiations between the governments of the US and the USSR, their secret espionage groups are locked in a struggle. What the Cardinal knows could change the outcome of everything. Ryan must outduel the KGB and bring the Cardinal out alive to secure this important knowledge that he contains.

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