Tom Clancy - Patriot Games PDF eBook

Tom Clancy - Patriot Games PDF eBook

Download Patriot Games PDF eBook: A Thrilling Jack Ryan Espionage Novel by Tom Clancy

Patriot Games is an espionage-thriller novel written by Tom Clancy, one of the most famous American espionage novel writers. First published in 1987, the book focuses on the thrilling adventure and action of CIA analyst Jack Ryan, who appears as the main character in many of Clancy's novels. Chronologically, the novel predates the events in The Hunt for Red October.

Seeing the success of Tom Clancy’s Patriot Games book, a film adaptation was made in 1992. The film stars Harrison Ford who played as Jack Ryan and Sean Bean as Sean Miller. It captures the exceptional realism and authenticity of Clancy’s story rally well that made the film also achieved commercial success worldwide.

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Jack Ryan returns to take on Irish terrorists in Clancy’s third No 1 bestselling thriller – now reissued with a new cover.

When Ryan foils an Ulster Liberation Army terrorist attack on the Prince of Wales and his family, his courageous actions not only win him the admiration of an entire nation, they also arouse the enmity and hatred of that nation’s most dangerous men.

Now a ULA target himself, Jack Ryan plunges into the murky world of counter-intelligence, where he uncovers a connection between the ULA and an international underground network that places him at the forefront of the deadly battle against international terrorism, and pitches him into the most desperate struggle of his life.

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Author: Tom Clancy;
Genre/Subject: Espionage Thriller;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 502;
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