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First published in 1986, Red Storm Rising is a bestselling espionage techno-thriller novel written by the famous American writer Tom Clancy. The book is about a Third World War happening in Europe between the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and Warsaw Pact forces. The story is set around the mid-1980s. There are other novels offering the story of fictional World War III, but Clancy’s work stands out from the rest because of the way in which numerous settings for the action distinctively have an integral part to play on the outcome. It was also unusual in its depiction of a WWIII fought exclusively with conventional weapons, rather than escalating to nuclear warfare.

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Tom Clancy’s second classic No 1 bestselling thriller – a chillingly authentic vision of modern war – now reissued in a new cover.

Three Muslim terrorists who destroyed the Soviet Union’s largest petrochemical plant thought they were striking a blow for freedom. What they had done, unknowingly, was fire the first shots in World War III.

Desperately short of oil, the Kremlin hawks see only one way of solving their problem: seize supplies in the Persian Gulf. To do that, they must first neutralise NATO’s forces and eliminate their response – and so they develop Red Storm, a dazzling master plan of diplomatic subterfuge and intense rearmament. The battle lines are drawn and Armageddon beckons

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