Miles Davis - On the Corner Album

Miles Davis - On the Corner Album

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Miles Davis cemented his status as a pioneer in fusion jazz genre with his visionary album On the Corner. First released in 1972, the album is so ahead of its time by fusing funk, rock, and electronic. Probably because it was a very revolutionary album, most established jazz critics denounced it. However, through time, receptions on the album improved and critics began to acknowledge the album. Now, the album is considered one of the most influential albums in music history.

On the Corner was another “experiment laboratory” of Miles Davis, where he infused his jazz basis with electronica, rock, and funk. This uniqueness has made the album quite different from traditional jazz album. Jazz traditionally based its improvisations on melody but in producing this album, Davis used rhythm as the basis, which resulted from the funk and rock elements. That’s why, at the release of the album, rock critics were more receptive to it.

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Artist(s): Miles Davis;
Genre: Jazz (Fusion);
Audio Format: MP3;
Number of Tracks: 4;
Length: 56 Minutes;
Album Size: 46 MB;

Track List of Miles Davis - On the Corner

01. On the Corner/New York Girl/Thinking of One Thing and Doing Another/Vot.mp3
02. Black Satin.mp3
03. One And One.mp3
04. Helen Butte/Mr. Freedom X.mp3

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