Nirvana - Bleach (Full Album MP3)

Nirvana - Bleach (Full Album MP3)

Download Nirvana - Bleach (Full Album MP3)

Bleach is the first full studio album (LP) by grunge band Nirvana. This great debut album was first released in 1989 under Sub Pop Records. Kurt Cobain (written Kurdt Kobain in the album sleeve), Chris Novoselic, Chad Channing did the recording sessions from 1988 to 1989 at Reciprocal Recording, Seattle. Another guitar player, Jason Everman, is listed on the album. However, he never actually played in the recording but he provided financial support in producing the album.

Despite some of the tracks still sounded raw and not so well-constructed (compared to their next albums), Nirvana showed their great potential as a newly born rock band with Bleach. Kurt Cobain still relied on more conservative rock/metal riff structures (Negative Creeps, School). However, he also displayed his songwriting prowess in more well-conceptualized and melodious tracks like Blew and About a Girl.

Bleach might not be the classic masterpiece (in comparison to Nevermind) but it is a great debut by Nirvana, a band with immense potential during their formative period.

*Preview of Nirvana's Bleach*
This is one case where the legend really precedes the record itself...this captures Nirvana at a formative stage, still indebted to the murk that became known as grunge, yet not quite finding their voice as songwriters. Which isn't to say that they were devoid of original material, since even at this stage Kurt Cobain illustrated signs of his considerable songcraft...Bleach is more than a historical curiosity since it does have its share of great songs, but it isn't a lost classic--it's a debut from a band that shows potential but haven't yet achieved it.

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Artist(s): Nirvana;
Genre: Rock (Grunge);
Audio Format: MP3;
Number of Tracks: 13;
Length: 42 Minutes;
Album Size: 38.6 MB;

Track List

All tracks are included in Nirvana - Bleach in MP3 format.
01. Blew.mp3
02. Floyd the Barber.mp3
03. About a Girl.mp3
04. School.mp3
05. Love Buzz.mp3
06. Paper Cuts.mp3
07. Negative Creep.mp3
08. Scoff.mp3
09. Swap Meet.mp3
10. Mr. Moustache.mp3
11. Sifting.mp3
12. Big Cheese.mp3
13. Downer.mp3

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