The 39 Clues #5: The Black Circle PDF Download

The 39 Clues #5: The Black Circle PDF

The 39 Clues #5: The Black Circle PDF Download eBook

First published in 2009, The Black Circle is the 5th novel in the young adult series The 39 Clues. The book was written by Patrick Carman, who joined the collaboration of authors who wrote volumes in the series. The exciting adventurous series itself has been a worldwide bestseller and widely accepted by readers and critics. It has been translated into 24 languages and millions of copies sold around the world.

The 39 Clues #5: The Black Circle continues the story where the 4th book ends. Amy and Dan Cahill are still in the race to collect the Clues: secret ingredients to make a super serum. This serum is the secret that make Amy and Dan ancestors in the Cahill family so great and powerful. However, the serum has been gone for many years and only Clues to make it are left. For years, branches of the Cahill family have been fighting and competing with each other to collect the ingredients to make the super serum.

Their quest has taken Amy and Dan Cahill into the stronghold of the Ekaterina (one of the competing family branches) in Egypt. Members from another branch of the family come to aid Amy and Dan, they are from the infamous Madrigal branch. The two young siblings receive a telegram that leads them to another quest for the next Clue. They fly to Russia, where they purse the Clue by investigating the murder of the Romanovs, last Russian Royal family.

The Black Circle PDF PDF eBook Details

Author: Patrick Carman;
Genre/Subject: Adventure, Young Adult;
Language: English;
PDF Pages: 148;
(Page count might be different due to scanning or formatting)
File Size: 0.5 MB;

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