After You PDF/EPUB Download

After You PDF/EPUB Download

Jojo Moyes - After You PDF or EPUB Download eBook

First published in 2015, After You is a romantic contemporary novel by English journalist and novelist Jojo Moyes. The book is the sequel to the successful Me Before You. The previous book had been a bestseller, adapted into film, and received mostly positive reviews from critics. For the second book, however, the responses are a bit mixed. Most criticisms directed toward the drastic change on the main character, Louisa “Lou” Clark, who somehow loses her vitality, wit, and hopefulness. However, it is actually understandable remembering the tragic loss she suffered in the previous book.

After You is set in a year and a half after Will’s death. Louisa is still engulfed with grief. It’s as if she has lost all the spark and hope that she used to have and “channel” to Will so he could live a bit longer. Now there is only emptiness inside her and depression around her. It is so bad that she almost paralyzed herself after falling down her apartment roof while drunk.

She decides that she needs to leave London for a while and to find a refuge in order to pull herself together. She has nowhere to go but the comfort of her family home in Stortfold village. Here lifelines sips back into Louisa. Family life with its amusing affection offers a new color in her momentarily bleak life. The dynamic of British working-class environment offers her an exercise to get a grip on reality.

Louisa finally has to return to London and faces the difficult time she has escaped for a while. The first big blow comes in the form of a distressed 16-year-old girl, Lily. She says that she is Will’s daughter. Will didn’t know because her mother, who turns out to be a egotistical upper-middle-class woman, never told him. The other crisis Louisa has to overcome is her personal romantic life. She has found a good-looking, understanding, sensitive man in Sam, the paramedic who treated her after the roof accident. However, her memory of Will is still so strong and it makes her torn.

After You eBook Details

Author: Jojo Moyes;
Genre/Subject: Contemporary, Romance;
Language: English;

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