Good-bye, Chunky Rice Graphic Novel (Download PDF, CBZ, Read Online)

Good-bye, Chunky Rice graphic novel

Craig Thompson - Good-bye, Chunky Rice (Download PDF or CBZ or Read Online

Good-bye, Chunky Rice is the very first graphic novel by Craig Thompson (author of Blankets and Habibi), first published in 1999. Thompson won the 2000 Harvey Award for Best New Talent with this fabulous debut. The book delivers a touching story of friendship, meetings and partings, love, and the journey one must take to discover the meaning of life.

The story in Good-bye, Chunky Rice graphic novel focuses on a cute small turtle, Chunky Rice. He had to leave everything behind, including his girlfriend and best friend Dandel the adorable deer mouse, and followed the call of the ocean to find new, boundless world. Through his exceptional artistic touch with black-and-white illustrations, Thompson successfully tells a beautiful story in a spellbinding way.

Good-bye, Chunky Rice eBook Details

Author & Artist: Craig Thompson;
Genre/Subject: Graphic Novel;
Language: English;
Page Count: 128;

This stunning book-length debut is a quiet picture novella of a small turtle, Chunk, Rice, leaving his home and his mouse friend, Dander. His is the classic journey to find one's self, and the deeper meaning of life. A Dr. Seuss-ian cast of colorful characters and lush cartoon-y brushwork shape this adventurous story of human connection and loss with charm and fun. "Good-bye, Chunky Rice" is, quite simply, an absolutely essential tome for every graphic novel reader. Craig's drawings are most impressive. His work is equally at home in the children's book section as it is in the alternative comics realm. The first in the Top Shelf Deluxe Format, this graphic novel will be printed with a rich full-color cover and hefty interior pages. This book, worth every penny, will dazzle your senses.

Sample Pages of Good-bye, Chunky Rice Graphic Novel

Chunky and Dandel

Chunky Rice sailing

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