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Brad Thor - Black List PDF-EPUB

Brad Thor - Scot Harvath 11: Black List PDF or EPUB Download

Following Full Black, American bestselling author Brad Thor continued his Scot Harvath series with the 11th book Black List. The gripping espionage thriller series presents the heart-pounding missions of a former NAVY turned US Secret Service agent Scot Harvath in protecting his country from various deadly terrorism threats. In this novel, Scot has to save himself from his country. There is a highly confidential list consisting names of persons that have to be eliminated because they are ultimately dangerous to the country and someone has put Scot’s name on the list.

Somewhere deep inside the United States government is a closely guarded list. Members of Congress never get to see it—only the President and a secret team of advisers. Once your name is on the list, it doesn’t come off ... until you’re dead.

Someone has just added counterterrorism operative Scot Harvath’s name.

Somehow Harvath must evade the teams dispatched to kill him long enough to untangle who has targeted him and why they want him out of the way.

Somewhere, someone, somehow can put all the pieces together. The only question is, will Harvath get to that person before the United States suffers the most withering terrorist attack ever conceived?

Black List eBook Details

Author: Brad Thor;
Series: Scot Harvath (Book 11);
Genre/Subject: Espionage, Thriller;
Language: English;

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