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Sherryl Woods - Stealing Home PDF/EPUB

Sherryl Woods - Sweet Magnolias 1: Stealing Home PDF or EPUB Download

Stealing Home is a romantic, contemporary chick-lit novel written by American author Sherryl Woods. First published in 2007, it is the first book in The Sweet Magnolias series. The book presents the story of Maddie Townsend, a single mother struggling after her divorce to keep her and her family’s life together.

Despite living in a relatively quiet little town of Serenity, there is nothing remotely serene in the life of Maddie Townsend. After the divorce from her husband, her world has turned into chaos. She used to stay at home, take care of the kids and the house. After the divorce, she really has to find a job, while having no actual job skills. Her kids also need special attention: her 16-year-old son is growing out of control, her 14-year-old daughter suddenly becomes very quiet, and her 6-year-old daughter is broken-heart.

Maddie’s life is about to get more hectic when her best friends invite her to join them in opening a women fitness spa. Things are getting complicated when the baseball coach of her son grows fond of her, and the people in the town know about it and they are somehow against it. However, for Maddie, that man is probably the only one who can lead her back to serenity, to a peaceful life.

Stealing Home eBook Details

Author: Sherryl Woods;
Genre/Subject: Contemporary, Chick-lit;
Series: Sweet Magnolias (Book 1)
Language: English;

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