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Sherryl Woods - A Slice of Heaven

Sherryl Woods - Sweet Magnolias 2: A Slice of Heaven PDF or EPUB Download

First published in 2005, A Slice of Heaven is a contemporary chick-lit, romance novel by Sherryl Woods. It is the 2nd book in The Sweet Magnolias series, sequel to Stealing Home. It follows the story of Dana Sue and her distressed teenage daughter, Annie. Like the previous book, it tells about how a woman struggle in finding a peaceful life, for her and her family, after a divorce.

The story in A Slice of Heaven takes place in the same small town as its prequel, Serenity. Dana Sue is the owner and chef of the best small restaurant in the town. She is the master in the kitchen, which can be a hectic sometimes when she needs to prepare the meals of her neighbors and best friends. However, at home, things aren’t going too well for Dana. After the not-so-peaceful parting with her cheating husband, her skinny teenage daughter Annie is starting to eat even less, as if the girl deliberately starves herself.

However, there’s a time when life leads someone into an unforeseen way to a better place. Annie’s eating habit finally takes a toll on her and she lands in the hospital. Reluctantly, Dana Sue reaches out to Annie’s father, Ron. He is the man she loves to hate, who took her heart when she tossed him out. Despite how awful Ron is in Dana’s eyes, he is still Annie's white knight. He has indeed made a big mistake and he apparently regrets it. Ron feels tired of feeling like a fool and he wants to find the slice of heaven he used to have with Dana.

A Slice of Heaven eBook Details

Author: Sherryl Woods;
Genre/Subject: Contemporary; Chick-Lit;
Series: The Sweet Magnolias (Book 2);
Language: English;

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