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Sherryl Woods - Feels Like Family PDF/EPUB

Sherryl Woods - Sweet Magnolias 3: Feels Like Family PDF or EPUB Download

The Sweet Magnolias series, a romantic contemporary chick-lit series by American author Sherryl Woods, continued with the 3rd novel Feels Like Family. First published in 2007, it is the direct prequel of A Slice of Heaven. Just like the previous books in the series, the story focuses on the adventure of a single woman in finding a happy life and family.

Feels Like Family introduces the most determined and skeptical woman in the series so far. That woman is Helen Decatur. She already lives a very successful life: finishing college, getting a degree in law, and establishing her own law firm. Helen already gets herself in the top rank of South Carolina matrimonial attorneys. She never needs to worry about money anymore as she is financially very secure. That great accomplishment is comparably easier to the challenge she is about to enter.

Having a memory of a bad marriage she saw in childhood and being constantly in struggle to achieve career success, Helen Decatur has never had any interest in marriage before. However, at 42, she is now eager to have a family. Sadly, having a child at her age is a complicated business. The complication increases as she never has serious relationship. However her lack of relationship might change with the presence of Eric Whitney, a gorgeous bachelor who offers her sweet, romantic love. But there is a problem with that too, the man does not fancy having a family.

Feels Like Family eBook Details

Author: Sherryl Woods;
Series: Sweet Magnolias (Book 3);
Genre/Subject: Chick-Lit, Contemporary;
Language: English;

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