Where We Belong PDF/EPUB Download

Where We Belong PDF/EPUB Download

Emily Giffin - Where We Belong PDF or EPUB Download eBook

First published in 2012, Where We Belong is a chick-lit novel written by Emily Giffin. The book generated mostly positive responses from critics and it also achieved commercial success, and became a New York Times bestseller. In the novel, Giffin presents a remarkable story of two different women and the family they grow in, and also how they bound with each other through their desire, devotion, and love.

36-year-old Marian Caldwell is a TV producer that lives her dream in the busy New York City. She believes, and she convinces everyone, that she already gets the life she wants in her successful career and relationship. However, when 18-year-old Kirby Rose appears on her door one night, Marian’s flawlessly polished life is about to change. The young girl brings back the ghost from the past, something Marian has desperately tried to buried and left behind.

For Kirby, a bright and strong-willed teen girl, this encounter will trigger a momentum of a self-discovery journey. It takes Kirby cross the threshold of adulthood, where she has to wisely re-evaluate her family and future. During their respective journey, the two women come across the missing thing in their lives. Both will discover the truth that the place where we really belong is often a place we least expected to be at.

Where We Belong eBook Details

Author: Emily Giffin;
Genre/Subject: Chick-Lit, Romance;
Language: English;

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